Considerations For Building Or Buying A Cannabis Indoor Grow Cabinet

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If you live in a state where personal cannabis cultivation is legal but you don't want to grow your plants outdoors, then you should grow them indoors inside of a specialized cabinet. Since cannabis growers have been hiding their plants from the law for decades, there is a lot of information readily available online about how to grow on the sly. Since your plants aren't illegal, you can be even more creative with your cabinet than growers in less fortunate areas. For example, your cabinet can have glass doors and doesn't have to be disguised as a different piece of furniture.

If you have never grown cannabis indoors, then it will be hard to select the right pre-made cabinet or know what specifics you need to build yours. To help you out, here is some basic information about each aspect of growing cabinets that you should keep in mind while building or shopping. You can also contact a professional cabinet supplier, such as Canadian Head.


Since your cannabis plants will not be able to grow in a cabinet with stagnant air, any cabinet you choose must have adequate ventilation. The cabinet needs to pump in fresh air from inside of your home and expel stale air out and away from the plants. Growing cabinets that do not offer adequate ventilation should be avoided. 

Air Filtration

As the cabinet's ventilation system expels air out of the grow cabinet and back into your home, the area surrounding the cabinet will start to smell like cannabis. If this doesn't bother you, then you do not need an air filter. However, if you do not want your home to smell like cannabis, then you need a cabinet with an air filter that will scrub out the cannabis plant particles before expelling the air into your home or out your window. 


Your cannabis plants need grow lights in order to grow inside of the cabinet. Grow lights stimulate the plants in the same way that the sun would if they were planted outdoors. However, if you use a traditional full-spectrum light bulb, then your cabinet will be too warm and more ventilation will be required. If you use an LED light, then heat will be less of a problem, but you will not see as much yield from your plants. If your goal is a high yield, then you will need to use full-spectrum grow lights. If you don't care as much about how much processed cannabis you get from each plant, then going with LED lighting is always best.